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Incident & Accident Investigation Support

BizSafety are experienced in accident and incident investigation and we use internationally recognized accident investigation methods to uncover the contributing and root cause of incidents.


The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requires notification to Worksafe of certain accidents and incidents. BizSafety can assist you in this process and make sure that you are complying with your legal duties.


It is essential to investigate accidents, incidents and serious near-miss events so that companies learn from the non-injury events and accidents. Effective investigation will uncover the following;


  • The factors that led to the incident occurring.

  • Determine what changes need to be implemented to stop the issue arising again and potentially preventing serious injuries.

  • Accidents or serious near-miss events do have a dramatic impact on the people in your business. BizSafety assists you to appropriately manage and care for your people in these situations.

  • With some accidents, it’s important to understand who is to blame in order to protect you and your business


The investigation process with Health and Safety Incidents and accidents includes;

  • Inspection and information gathering of the area where the incident or accident occurred.

  • Interviews with appropriate persons

  • Review of all staff training and Safe Operating Procedures in place relative to the incident.

  • Forming an opinion on the sequence of events and contributory factors leading to the incident or accident.

  • Recommendations on how to avoid similar incidents or accidents in the future.

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