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Workplace Hazard Identification

Workplace Hazard Identification and taking a proactive risk assessment for identified hazards is the heart of today’s safety management. In fact, this is also a key requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.


At BizSafety we spend much of our time with customers on site or in the workplace seeking out hazards which could lead to serious injury. We then work to confirm the best method of managing the hazards. Which if can’t be eliminated then may need Safe Operating Procedures, staff training and monitoring to manage the hazard to safety so that no one gets injured.


Bizsafety use five key steps to health and safety risk assessment


  • Hazard Identification - What is or could be dangerous in the workplace

  • Identify the people at risk - Who might get harmed and how

  • Evaluate the severity and likelihood of risks occurring and decide on suitable precautions and procedures.

  • Record the findings – Confirm the Hazards and recommended precautions

  • Involve staff on site – Their experience and site knowledge must be part of the process.


BizSafety provides a detailed report and set of recommendations after a Hazard Identification / Risk assessment site visit.


BizSafety also provides processes and training of staff in effective Work Place Hazard Identification.

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