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        Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) / Task Analysis ( T.A)

   BizSafety's SWMS / TA's

  • Step by Step procedures including detailed safety controls and PPE required

  • Assists in your on site training to adequately train your staff for the task

  • Additional blank risk assessment form included to add site specific risks and controls

  • Risk assessment table included with every SWMS/TA

  • Pay once, no subscriptions , instant Word Doc file delivery via emailed link.

  • Customise your Word Doc file with your logo and company details. Edit the file to suit your work.

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Brick Block Laying - Acid Wash /Cleaning

Brick Block Laying - Acid Wash /Cleaning

SKU: 833036
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This Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) / TA covers hazards and controls associated with cleaning and washing with acid bricks/blocks

A strong ACIDIC solution is used producing vapour irritable to eyes and respiratory tract. It is extremely corrosive and capable of causing burns to skin.
EXTREME CARE must be taken.
Brick Cleaning Acid (hydrochloric acid) is harmful to the environment

This SWMS / TA for Acid cleaning of Bricks and Blocks

  • Preparation - Storage
  • Preparation - P.P.E
  • Application
  • Environment
  • Emergency procedures
  • First Aid
  • Spill Response
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