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        Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) / Task Analysis ( T.A)

   BizSafety's SWMS / TA's

  • Step by Step procedures including detailed safety controls and PPE required

  • Assists in your on site training to adequately train your staff for the task

  • Additional blank risk assessment form included to add site specific risks and controls

  • Risk assessment table included with every SWMS/TA

  • Pay once, no subscriptions , instant Word Doc file delivery via emailed link.

  • Customise your Word Doc file with your logo and company details. Edit the file to suit your work.

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Form - Group Training Confirmation Register

Form - Group Training Confirmation Register

SKU: 900801
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This form is designed to be used to record training given to a group of people. e.g You provided training to a group on how to safely use a ladder.


By using the Group Training Confirmation Register, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to employee safety and compliance with health and safety regulations. 

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