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Safe Operating Procedures

BizSafety assists organisations develop Safe Operating Procedure’s ( SOP's) and or reviews your existing SOP’s to make sure they are current and are in fact working in your organisation. It is good practice to review your SOP’s annually.


Once you have identified a serious risk to safety, you will most likely need a Safe Operating Procedure (SOP). This procedure details the steps to carry out the activity safely


BizSafety have extensive experience in this area and utilize best practice from New Zealand and International resources in the development of SOP’s.


BizSafety work with you and your teams to facilitate SOP’s that are meaningful and usable by those in your organisation.


BizSafety also provides assistance to review how SOP training is being carried out in your organisation. It’s important to make sure training of people in SOP’s is carried out properly and regularly monitored.

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