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Safety System

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All Businesses in New Zealand 

are required by law to have a Safety System


Bizsafety have developed its “SmallBiz Safety System”to assist small businesses comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.


So if you’re a small Business , Contractor or Sole trader the SmallBiz Safety System provides you with an easy to use , Log book based Safety System


Benefits of SmallBiz

  • Easy and simple to use

  • Made as an easy to carry around Log book

  • Use of check lists and short codes so you can record key safety management requirements

  • Includes advice , tips and must do's to assist with your compliance of NZ's safety laws

  • Workplace safety risk hazard identification process

  • Staff safety training records

  • One month’s free phone & email setup & advice support from BizSafety’.

  • Option to sign up for monthly Health & Safety advice service .


So how does the SmallBiz Safety System work ?

Firstly, BizSafety work with small business every day and we  know that small business owners are very busy and often short of time to wade through a big thick Health & Safety manual and work out what to do or find the correct form.

Health & Safety isn’t about paperwork, its about taking practical steps in your business to search out serious safety risks and then doing something about those risks , so that your staff and others like your customers, the public and visitors are safe.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requires businesses to have a safe system of work

The  SmallBiz Safety System has been designed to assist you comply with the law and do this with the minimum of paperwork.


The SmallBiz Safety system uses a simple “Log Book” concept so that you can easily note down key safety actions you have carried out in your business.

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