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Health & Safety Consulting Services

 “The best gift you can give your family 

 is you, be safe! at work.” 

Our Services

Safety System

BizSafety's SmallBiz Safety System has been designed for New Zealand's small businesses.


Ideal for those business employed 1-5 staff or contractors.

Keeping Safety Simple

Accident Investigation Support

BizSafety is experienced in accident and incident investigation and we use internationally recognized accident investigation methods to uncover the contributing and root cause of incidents.​

Health &
Safety Systems​

Whether you need a new safety system or want to ensure that your current safety system complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, BizSafety will work with you to ensure you have a complying system.​

Our Servuces
Safe Operating Procedures

BizSafety assists organisations develop Safe Operating Procedure’s and or reviews your existing SOP’s .

Hazard Identification

Workplace Hazard identification and taking a proactive risk assessment for identified hazards is the heart of today’s safety management.​

Health & Safety Service

We help you to manage the Health and Safety of your business. Many small to medium-sized organisations do not have the resources or budget to employ a full-time Safety adviser.​​

 “Accidents: If you don’t think 

 it will happen to you, find the person 

 who  had  it happen to them.” 

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